Club Records

Freediving and spearfishing are challenging sports.  The Townsville Skindiving Club has been established since 1982. Over this period of time Townsville has hosted some of Queensland and Australia’s best divers. Being a member of the Club entitles you to claim both state and national records.

The club maintains its own record books.  It is hard work, consistency and a little luck that lands you a club record – click here for Club Records as at June 2014

The club also has annual awards for individual captures of merit.  These are not restricted to competitions but can be speared anywhere at any time.   These fish are nominated by individuals to the Records Officer and require a photo to assist in correct identification and a record of it being weighed on government tested scales (eg. on the club scales or at any tackle store).

Club awards for 2014/2015 season were as follows:-

  • Biggest barramundi: Mick Pannach 12.15kg
  • Biggest trout: Brock Tilley 4.62kg
  • Biggest tuskfish: Adam Smith 8.6kg
  • Biggest snapper:  Brock Tilley 9.6kg
  • Biggest spanish mackerel: Adam Smith 33.3kg
  • Biggest crayfish: Jake Boyd 2.48kg
  • Most meritorious: Matt Ludbrooke 3.4kg Triple Tail
  • Best photograph: Matt Ludbrooke ‘triple tail’

For 2013/2014:

  • Biggest barramundi: Matt Ludbrooke 6.88kg
  • Biggest trout: (excluding bluespot) Not claimed
  • Biggest tuskfish: Adam Smith 8.4kg
  • Biggest snapper: Arthur Kudla 11.48kg
  • Biggest pelagic: Mick Pannach 48.8kg Sailfish
  • Biggest spanish mackerel: Adam Smith 37.6kg
  • Biggest crayfish: Mick Pannach 2.87kg
  • Biggest fish: Mick Pannach 48.8kg Sailfish
  • Most meritorious: Mick Pannach 48.8kg Sailfish
  • Best photograph: Matt Ludbrooke ‘wahoo’

Another club award is the ‘Ben Crapp’ Award.  This is a ‘tongue-in-cheek’ award that usually goes to the most embarrassing moment or biggest blunder by a club member. The award is meant to be given, and taken, in good taste and in good humour.

Application forms are available here for:-

Club record

Cash comp (heaviest fish)