Calendar & Competitions

From time as a member of the Australian Underwater Federation, Queensland, the Townsville Skindiving Club hosts national, state and interclub (Nemrod) competitions. The club committee also sets a yearly schedule of dives.  Key events on the club calendar include:-

TOP TEN COMPETITION: the club has an annual top 10 competition whereby divers seek to capture 10 highly prized species throughout the year.  The winner goes to the diver with the hightest total of species captured, or in the event of a tie, the diver with the highest aggregate length.  Entry is open to all current TSC members and prizes are on offer.

CASH COMP: the club has an annual cash competition for the target species of Spanish Mackerel.  It costs $20.00 to enter and there are 2 prize categories for heaviest and mystery weight fish.  The heaviest fish qualifies for 50% of prize pool with the other 50% going to the fish closest to the mystery weight.  Entry is open to all current TSC members.

THE BLUEWATER INVITATIONAL: In 2018 the club hosted the inaugural Bluewater invitation competition open to all AUF members.  The competition is scheduled to take place this year 27-28 November 2021 and is fast becoming one of the premier events on the Australian competition calendar.  The competition features a highly limited score sheet with prizes available in several categories including overall champion, most meritorious fish and champion boat.  Sponsorship opportunities are available for this event.

SOCIAL DIVESMost club divers are more socially orientated and prefer not to participate in competitions and our club does not discriminate between social and competition divers. Most trips are organised by members who own boats, these trips are opportunistic (usually based on favourable weather conditions) and social in nature.

CLUB COMPETITION DIVES:  Throughout the financial year competitions are held and scores are collated at the end of each year.  Although competitions are hard fought by many individuals not all members take it seriously.  Overall they provide for a challenging and friendly but spirited alternative to social diving and many divers prefer not to spear competitively at all.  Each year the club holds a presentation night where club awards are awarded to recipients with some great prizes on offer.