About Us

logo (filled)The Townsville Skindiving Club Incorporated (TSC) was formed in 1982 by a local group of skindivers. The club is a member of the Australian Underwater Federation (AUF) which is the national governing body for underwater sports such as underwater hockey, SCUBA, snorkel coaching and training, fin swimming and spearfishing. The Queensland branch of the AUF represents individuals and members of skindiving clubs along the entire Queensland coastline, including all members of the Townsville Skindiving Club. The club is a non-profit organisation and the increasing costs of insurance means that operating funds are reliant on membership fees and occasional fund raising efforts. Our major activity involves spearfishing but several club members also play underwater hockey. Being a member of the club provides the opportunity for spearfishers to meet like-minded individuals and provides more opportunities for going out on trips, both on private boats of club members or on occasional chartered trips to the reef and elsewhere.

The objectives of the club are:

  1. Promotion and development of the sport of skindiving and other associated underwater activities.
  2. Active implementation and promotion of appropriate safety and conservation activities applicable to underwater activities.
  3. To provide an organisation to represent the interests of members at Queensland and Australian levels of underwater federations and governmental/environmental organisations.
  4. To arrange competitions, conventions and free diving activities for members of the club and to arrange for prizes, trophies and awards.
  5. To maintain accurate club, state and national spearfishing and associated records.
  6. To accept subscriptions, donations or bequests for all or any objects of the club.
  7. To publish and distribute an informative newsletter

The club is run by a committee of volunteers who are elected at an annual general meeting in July or August of each year. The committee positions are open to anyone willing, subject to being nominated and to a vote by members. Collectively the committee makes decisions, represents and organises club activities on behalf of the members. The value of being a member of the club is realised through the work of the committee members, but is also reliant on input from all members.

The committee positions and duties are:

President – To run meetings, represent the club publicly, and to oversee and assist in all activities and operations of the club, delegating to other committee members and normal club members where necessary. 

Vice-president – To support the role of the president and take on the president’s role as needed.

Treasurer – To maintain all financial records of club activities, including all incoming and outgoing transactions (eg. the issuing of club receipts, signing cheques, etc.), to the satisfaction of an annual financial audit by a qualified independent auditor. Accepts memberships and must pass on details of members to the Secretary.

Secretary – To record minutes of meetings and maintain a record of such minutes (required for the annual audit). To clear the club mailbox and pass on relevant mail to the club (eg. bills to go to the treasurer). Responsible for all incoming and outgoing mail. Also, responsible for maintaining the club member list.  Currently puts together the club newsletter. 

Dive Officer – Responsible for maintaining a list of suitable charter boats and booking such boats for club organised trips. Acts as a central contact for which it is the responsibility of other club members to contact to confirm trips. Sometimes required to contact many club members regarding trips so need to be able to delegate.

Records Officer – Responsible for the maintenance of all club spearfishing records including competition scores and individual fish records. Collates competition scores and individual award categories at the end of each year, organises trophies/prizes for the annual presentation night, and assesses each claim for fish records. Provides updates of competition scores and awards at regular intervals to club members (usually via the club newsletter). Also responsible for maintaining an archive of all club-associated diving, including date, location, # fish, # divers, # species, species types, weights, etc. Currently also maintains a club collection of spearfishing and freediving videos.